Love and Life By Malik Delgaty

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Malik Delgaty is a name that has become synonymous with gay pornography in the UK. BAMBOO is pleased to present one of its most popular gay porn stars, Malik Delgaty, with its first-ever gay sex story! Relatively new to the gay scene, Delgaty’s name was cemented on the scene. By winning two consecutive UK Poker Stakes within the space of a year. Both of which heaped further praise upon his talent as an individual performer. It wasn’t just the money he made from playing poker that attracted him to the gay lifestyle. He described his attraction to the gay sex scene as “natural”. In this book, he reveals the origin of his passion for the gay sex scene – how it all began…

After several years spent studying acting in London, Malik Delgaty ended up living in London full time. And even discovered the birth of his first born son. Life was good, and he was happy. But then, one day he had this weird idea. That acting would be a great way to get closer to his son…

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The book is Malik Delgaty ‘s story of coming to terms with his sexuality

The book is Malik’s story of coming to terms with his sexuality. And why he wants to pursue his acting career. It’s an interesting journey of self discovery. And the gradual realization that his attraction to men is nothing like his attraction to women. His mother is by no means a pushover when it comes to his sexuality, but she tries to understand why she can’t seem to understand him.

As expected, the majority of the book involves him meeting a man called Alex. Who works as a consultant for a firm. Initially, their friendship is nothing like what he had hoped for. But then things take an unexpected turn when Alex starts acting strangely. Slowly, the two of them become more than friends. They fall in love, and that’s before we get to the real sex story. Yes, in case you haven’t guessed it, this is a sex story. Although some of the language may not pass the Beano test (viewers can find other reviews of Maliki’s work here: gay blogla), the sex scenes are well done and entertaining.

There are stereotypes throughout the book, but…

One thing I really liked was the way that Malik Delgaty integrates the gay community into his story. Sure, there are stereotypes throughout the book, but in most cases they are presented in such a way as to be entertaining rather than offensive. For example, after Alex tells him about all the money his ‘courier’ makes, Maliki tells Alex that he’s always wanted to do business with him but he’s afraid to because of his past. The ‘courier’ then says that he knows all about Maliki and is willing to risk anything to make the story easier to sell. It is stereotypical, and yes, it is gay – but then again, in the world of gay relationships, does this automatically mean that these are the only types?

In my opinion, it depends. Yes, the book is funny and contains some excellent put-together wordings, but it is certainly not written as a light-hearted gay humour book. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing – far from it. In fact, many of the book’s subjects, themes and humour can be found in other gay humour books. In fact, I think the book might even have more appeal for straight men who also identify with the gay community because of the way that Maliki integrates the gay men into his story without making them seem like outsiders.

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